• The Hidden Trails of Bhutan

    Hidden Trails

    Walk through the ancient hidden trails and revel in the natural beauty of Mother Nature

  • Bhutan Trekking Adventure

    Bhutan Trekking Adventure 2015

    Trekking in the Himalayan ranges of Bhutan is the ultimate adventure amid breathtaking view of the snowcapped mountains

  • Alacarte Activities

    A la carte Activities 2015

    Bored with your tour itinerary? Pick and choose one from our A la carte of interesting off the beaten path activities

  • Visit Bhutan 2015

    Visit Bhutan 2015

    Join the people of Bhutan in the yearlong festivities and celebrations of the 60th Birth Anniversary of our beloved 4th Dragon King of Bhutan

  • Bhutan Family Adventure

    Family Adventure 2015

    Enjoy the endless beauty of nature, rich history and colorful culture with your family and loved ones

  • Bhutan Cultural Tour

    BhutanCultural Tours 2015

    Traverse through the lush and beautiful valleys of Bhutan and soak in the rich history and colorful culture of Bhutan

  • Bhutan Festivals

    Bhutan Festivals 2015

    Mingle with the locals and witness the colorful masked dances with the even more colorfully dressed Bhutanese People